Genre Fiction (as Noah Chinn)

Out of fuel and out of luck, Maurice "Moss" Foote is having a bad day, until he gets a lead on the score of a lifetime. Easy pickings, if his crew doesn't mind a bit of pirating...
One tiny lie might get them both on board.
What's the worst that can happen?

Maurice "Moss" Foote used to be somebody. Now he's back to square one, using his last hundred credits to get his old ship back and start over. But someone has stowed away on board, someone whose untrustworthy memory is the key to a mystery that's worth a fortune to the right (or wrong) people.

A woman wakes up in a motel on the outskirts of a remote Oregon city with no memory and a gun at her bedside. It seems that civilization has come to a violent end, but that might also be the most normal thing that happens to her all week. It's the end of the world, yes, but not as we know it.

The first half of the worst week of Peter's life happened when he was a boy, involving a home run, a broken window, and a seriously pissed off witch. 20 years later, in a part of London shrouded in myths and urban legends, the second half is about to begin—all because he found true love.

Co-written with bestselling romance author Lauren Smith, this is the first of the Cyborg Genesis novels, which merges science fiction, steamy romance, and a shared world unlike any other.  A galaxy in which Earth is long gone, the stars are populated by strange races, freeborn humans are anything but free, and their own creations have become the new masters.

Contemporary Novels (as Noah J.D. Chinn)

It’s August, 1985, and James Cote has a problem. Someone has kidnapped his uncle Gary and shipped him off to Peru. Someone from his own family—a family he hasn't visited in ten years. Now he has to figure out who hated Gary enough to ship him to Peru, but not enough to actually kill him.

December, 1985, and the detective duo of James and Lettice Cote have perhaps their strangest job ever.
The case: Lettice's dad has been kidnapped, except she thought he'd died fifteen years ago.
The client: His five-year-old daughter, also named Lettice and living in Vancouver.
The fee: A dollar a day from her piggy bank.

Needing to break out of the rut in his life, Azrael travels to Tokyo to teach English, only to end up in a different kind of dead end. His coworkers are burnt out, one of his students might be a criminal, and his neighbour is as frustrating as she is attractive. On top of all that, the most unlikely of world-travelling adventurers is camped outside his school.
2002 is going to be a hell of a year.


Set before the events in the Get Lost Saga and written in his own words, this novella covers Maurice Foot's early misadventures, leading up to his first encounter with Violet Lonsdale.

Filled with humour and crankiness, you get to see first hand just how much worse Moss's life used to be, and what set him on the path to where he is today...

Three modern SF short stories inspired by the golden age:

  • A marine biologist takes a reporter deep under the ocean to witness the beginnings of artificial life.
  • Terraformers discover something amazing on a dead world.
  • A squad of soldiers on patrol comes across an unexpected sight—a family picnic in a war zone.

Three humorous short stories about writing:

  • A bookstore faces disaster when the characters suddenly start jumping from book to book.
  • A teacher is concerned about a pupil because she says her mother owns a unicorn.
  • In a metaphorical Old West setting, The Writer mines for Story to build a thriving and vibrant boomtown. But is it?