Trooper 4

It's the end of the world – but not as we know it.

A woman wakes up in a motel on the outskirts of a remote Oregon city with no memory who she is and a gun at her bedside. As she explores the world around her it seems that civilization has come to a violent end.

That’s bad.

It might also be the most normal thing that happens to her all week.

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Reader Reviews

"Trooper #4 is a genre-bending, existential thrill ride! At least that's how I'd write the blurb for the front of the DVD. On a more serious note, this really was an enjoyable story that caught me completely off guard... What begins as a yet another end-of-the-world zombie-fest (not quite "zombies" but close enough) takes a mind blowing twist... Chinn's writing is economical and effective, the pace is fast, and the story is gripping. Trooper #4 has all the elements of a classic action story--compelling hero, evil villain, a world in need of saving--but with enough metaphysical twists and turns to feed every reader's inner philosopher." - Kristene Perron (Co-author of the Warpworld series)

"When she wakes in the morning, she has no idea who she is or where she is. She has guns in her motel room, a name tag on her shirt and there's a cop car on the side of the highway that might have been hers. But why is she here and what happened?...The author does a good job of showing how paranoid people become when threatened by horror they don't understand and while trying to stay alive. Rules fall by wayside, people take comfort where they can, and even children fight for survival...You won't fall asleep reading this book." - LAS SFF Reviews

"Love it. Very original book unlike anything I've read in the past. It is horror based on the story, not the gore, which is what I enjoyed the most. The mystery of who [the heroine] was...was different and I was shocked when I found out who she had been the entire time... It left me with gasping... I definitely will continue read more of Noah's book and hopefully the author will write more of "end of the world" stories in future. This author's creativity is awesome." - Zach Sweets

Longer Reviews

Review: Trooper #4 – A review at Snarky’s Wonderland (warning: heavy spoilers!)

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