Noah Chinn is an author, and has it on good authority to be a moderately amusing fellow. His current release is his 1980's era cozy mystery, Getting Rid of Gary, soon to be followed by The Plutus Paradox.

His other upcoming releases include the paranormal romantic comedy A G**damned Love Story (The Curious Case of Bleeding Heart Yard) and Trooper #4, about a woman who wakes up in a motel at the end of the world—and things only get stranger from there.

As a published cartoonist and writer, Noah's work has appeared in distinguished publications, including Amazing Stories, Knights of the Dinner Table magazine, and Canada’s Globe & Mail.

Though he spends entirely too much time hunched in front of a keyboard, Noah does enjoy having an adventure now and then. He’s biked across several countries and even climbs the odd mountain. He recommends the view from Mt. Fuji—if you have a pair of warm gloves and an oxygen tank.

Noah currently lives in Vancouver, Canada with his wife Gillian and their ferret Fia Ferretsworth. As an honest-to-goodness nerd, Noah enjoys video games, photography, roleplaying, and travel. This website was created to offer a little insight into the man himself—and shamelessly peddle his wares.

He has yet to be accused of literature, but looks forward to the possibility someday.