Back in 2002, I did a photo comic following the adventures of stuffed animal toys playing roleplaying games. The comic started in Japan (where I lived at the time) and ended up in England (when I moved). The strip lasted for five solid years on the Kenzer & Company website and continued on and off in Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine for another five.

Having recently gained a tiny amount of skill at drawing, I wanted to revive the comic, both as a continuation of the story, and as a way to eventually revisit some of my earlier work with a fresh editor's eye. It will be interesting to see where this takes me.


The original Fuzzy Knights is where I first started taking myself seriously as a writer, and has earned a special place in my heart. It was a photography-based comic (a style sometimes referred to as Fumetti or Photonovel)

It had a small but dedicated fanbase (including the late Gary Gygax) and ran in the magazine for years, but it was the web-based online strips that had the biggest impact.

Over the course of a year, I had to pump out at least two strips a week, all part of an overarching story. So while I was having fun posing stuffed animals for the camera, I was actually learning what it took to be a writer, planning ahead, keeping to a schedule, and treating it seriously instead of a lark.

Bear in mind, I created this in the early heyday of webcomics, and my technical abilities were limited. I got better cameras over time, so the quality started off pretty bad, but eventually got better and more ambitious.

The original Fuzzy Knights is no longer viewable online... but it might not be the end of the story!

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