A G**damned Love Story

(Originally published as Bleeding Heart Yard)

The first half of the worst week of Peter's life happened when he was a young boy. Being cursed by a witch was bad enough, but what do you do when you don't even know what the curse is, or when it is supposed to go off?

Twenty years later, in a part of London shrouded in myths and urban legends, it does.

Peter might have found his one true love, but there's a problem. His friend might be able to remove the curse, but there's a catch. There's a monster hunting people in London, but no one believes it. A secret government branch is investigating, but they're incompetent. And the woman Peter loves is doomed to die, but it's not the first time.

The second half of the worst week of Peter's life is about to begin.

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Reader Reviews

"This whimsical romp set in England is nostalgia inducing for a reader of a certain age, who might not want to admit their RPG past. It doesn't rely too heavily on preconceived mythos and is both quick witted and entertaining. A simple storyline with just enough paranormal content to intrigue a fan of fantasy or horror fiction but not deter a reader just getting into those genres. It's also not too ooey gooey in the romance department and finds a cheerful balance between a darker landscape and saving the day." - Andrea Poole

"I really loved this book! I usually don't read much fiction let alone fantasy fiction, but felt a growing delight in reading this richly drawn, cynically ironic and cleverly humourous tale of intertwined fates, destiny, dark magic and curses, interdimensional evil, self sacrificing friendship and love...this is wonderfully atmospheric...full of delightful sarcastic wit and social satire...I just love the notion also that the medieval office of witchfinder general would find bureacratic immortality and still be functioning today in the British apparat...it all brings a smile to my face!" - Randall Burrows

"I picked up this book some time ago and finished it a little while back. Short story: It's great.
Long story: It's a different kind of love/horror story than we're used to getting these days, which is part of what's so good about it. It also has a fairly unique style to it, with a lot of thought and research put into the settings and magic. The characters are also an interesting bunch and are very easy to get attached to. If you don't love magic, some romance, fate, a little bit of mystery, and of course humor, this isn't the book for you. If you do love that stuff, however, I have a question for you: Why haven't you bought this yet?" - Sammee Eastman

Longer Reviews

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