Across The Stars

Lauren Smith and Noah Chinn

“We wait, we hide, and watch Earth burn across the stars…”
 – From the lost pages of the ARK Diary

Laina Roberts has been on the run for ten years, a freeborn human hiding from the cyborgs of the Silver Legion who control what’s left of humanity. Moving secretly from planet to planet and station to station makes for a damn lonely life—and don’t even get her started on how long it’s been since she last had sex. Sometimes she thinks it might be worth surrendering to the cyborgs just to end the loneliness. That is, until she’s caught!

Captured by a hot-as-hell Legion officer, the cyborg Ronan makes her think being probed by him might not be so bad. But becoming a cyborg’s slave—sex or otherwise—isn’t high on her to-do list. She can’t trust him and doesn’t understand his constant questions about Earth, or her long-dead relatives. Ronan can just kiss her ass—oh yes, please—because she is not going to let her desires or his perfect body weaken her resolve.

She now has a new mission, to convince the cyborgs and the rest of the galaxy that all Terrans, humans and synthetic humans like cyborgs, have the right to be free.

(Note: This is part of a shared SF universe that will include both romance novels and comedy/adventure novels)

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Reader Reviews

This book was amazing!

Laina is one of the last freeborn humans living in exile. She is constantly on the move. She lost her family to the cyborgs chasing her. She is on a ship trying to survive on her own. Ronan is a cyborg who is hunting freeborn humans to place them into slavery. He hates humans because of a long ago human versus cyborg battle. He catches her and gets to know her. He begins to question himself. Are humans really innocent and should he change the way he thinks?

The world building was stellar. The secondary characters make me want to keep reading. The romance and sexual chemistry was so hot. I really enjoyed this book. I am a huge sci-fi reader and this was REALLY Well done. I truly have found a new sci fi author. I have never read any of this author's books. I was in awe of the details, twist, and turns this book portrayed. WOW just WOW. I sure hope this series continues. I am eagerly awaiting the sequel.
--T. Love

This book is absolutely fantastic!! Laina is so strong, all of her family and friends were blown up on a spacecraft for freeborn humans. She manages to escape in a pod that her parents put her in just before the ship exploded. She is a teenager just trying to survive and not get captured by the Legion. Now all grown up she is still on the run from planet to planet and ship to ship to stay ahead of the Legion and slavery. Her luck runs out and she is captured by Ronan and the Legion.

Ronan is second in command of the Legion spacecraft. He is a Cyborg hunting is he freeborn humans because he hates the humans because they enslaved his people. But now the tables have turned and he is rounding up all of the freeborn humans and putting them into slavery. Once he captures her a string of events happen to have him softening towards her. Ronan actually gets to know Laina and she worms her way under his skin especially now that he has found out she is the key to his people's survival. He has come to realize that all humans aren’t as bad as he thought, but they really are the key to his species survival.

I love this enemies-to lovers romance and don’t get me started on the secondary characters. They added so much to the story I can’t wait to see who gets their own book. I highly recommend this book to all of the sci-fi lovers out there!
--Ashley A. Carr

Sexy outer space romance, enemies-to-lovers, suspense, some humor, and terrific world-building.

Laina is a freeborn. As a member of race relegated to slavery by the universe's governing body, she has been on the run since she was orphaned as a teen. Ronan, a cyborg, is part of a quasi-military force that rounds up freeborns and returns them to servitude.

I'm not usually a sci-fi fan, but this story hooked me early and kept me riveted. Part of the fun was deciding whether the political undertones were intentional or not. Well-paced and well-plotted, Across the Stars revealed its twists and secrets at just the right points to keep me turning the pages, eager to know what comes next. The main characters were layered and flawed, compelling and relatable, and while they got their HFN at the end, I still want to know more. I'm already looking forward to additional books in the series.
--Laura Hull

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