Getting Rid of Gary

It’s August, 1985, and private investigator James Cote has a problem.

Actually, he has several.

His wife Lettice is unemployed, overactive, and bored out of her skull. The cheating husband he’d been tailing for two weeks has been killed by his mistress. And someone has kidnapped his uncle Gary and shipped him off to Peru.

Someone from his own family—a family he hasn't visited in ten years.

Now James and Lettice have to travel 1500 miles to Toronto under the guise of a long delayed reunion to find out who hated Gary so much to ship him off to another country, but not enough to actually kill him.

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Reader Reviews

"It was a delightful book. Very well written. Noah managed to capture my attention and curiosity in the first few chapters. Gary was the 'black sheep' of a family that loved him enough to 'teach him a lesson'. I loved the characters and found myself slowing down (on reading) near the end of the book to delay because I just wanted to read on. Great book! I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a little adventure, a little family humor mixed with a little mystery. Now, I'm off to find other books by Noah Chinn!" - Carol Backues

"Dynamic, original, and packed with entertaining twists, Getting Rid of Gary is a gumshoe tale with a premise so crazy it's brilliant. Noah Chinn borrows the stark style of noir classics and spices things up with his own brand of irony. His tip of the hat to feminism clinches it: I highly recommend this book." - Robin Spano, author of the Clare Vengel Undercover Novels 

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