Guilty Writing Pleasures

Not everything a writer writes is meant for mass consumption. We all have our guilty pleasures, our bits of fun, our mental exercises, or just writing something for a friend.

I don't mind sharing some of these things, if only because some readers might get a kick out of seeing a writer's less-polished side...or maybe just because, "Hey, free stuff!"


mossfootmaraudersThe Mossfoot Marauders - This story was written while I was playing a game called X3: Reunion. A young man who dreams of flying his own spaceship gets his wish, but is it really what he wants? And at what cost?


TalesofWoe1Mossfoot's-Tales-of-Woe - Funny how I keep using that name.  For a different game called Elite and its sequel Elite: Dangerous. A spoiled navy brat who had everything his way gets shot down and left for dead. Revived, but broke, he tries to make a new life for himself among the stars, not realizing that someone out there wants to finish the job.



Mossfoots-Continuing-Tales-of-Woe - Just when he thought everything was going his way, Mossfoot ends up dead...again. Revived over a hundred and fifty years later, it's both a very familiar and very different universe he's come into. But something seems to be missing, or more accurately, someone.

TalesofWoe3Violets-Tales-of-Whoa - With Mossfoot gone it's up to Violet to keep his memory, and body, alive. After all, it's her home now. But as she explores the galaxy and competes in virtual dogfighting tournaments, it turns out some people from the past are looking for her, and she might not like the reasons why.


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