Call Me Moss – 6 – Ooops.

I’m not a fighter by nature, and I normally mind my own business, but once in a while you see a distress call and just know that the local cops aren’t going to show up until it’s way too late.

Reese Hetfield had been itching to get some experience in the haptic rig for the fighter, and I had recently had my shields boosted and armor buffed with some crazy new hardening agent Selene Jean swore up and down was a game changer.

Unfortunately, we were just as late for the party as the local authorities would have been. A bunch of Sidewinders were providing cover for a Type 6 that was picking up the goods. Fortunately, they thought the worst of it was over, when it was really just getting started.

I hung back and provided missile support while Reese did the heavy lifting. Hey, she wanted the experience, she could have it. When it was all over, there were a lot of scrap Sidewinders lying around, a broken Type 6, and a couple of Sidewinder escape pods floating around.

That’s when I noticed what was left of their target. A Dolphin. Tourist ship. Probably hadn’t even had much worth stealing. God, I hate pirates.

“You know, we could take those escape pods in,” Reese said. “Get a reward.”

I nodded. “Sounds like a good idea.”

I lined up the Back Bacon Express so the two escape pods were in a straight line… and hit the boosters.

The shields shuddered as the pods cracked against the Express like eggs in a hurricane.

“Guess I got the booster and cargo scoop buttons mixed up. My bad.”

“Call Me Moss” is not set in the Get Lost universe, per se, but the game that inspired my love of the genre: Elite Dangerous (which is where the screenshots come from). Writing little bits like this is just one way I get in the right mindset for the next big adventure in my world. Consider this Moss as being from an alternate universe 😉

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