Reviving the Virtual Bookshelf

Looking back at the old dusty digital archives, I came across this post I made back in 2012…

Guerilla Book Peddling

My old flatmate Manny had a simple, but brilliant idea—encourage the reading of classics by making it obvious how easy it is to get a hold of them.

What you see on this photocopy is a QR code which will instantly take you to a copy of the given title on the Gutenberg Project website. All these books are in the public domain and as such—free. So anyone with a smart phone or tablet can scan the code, get a copy of the book, and read to their heart’s content. He’s already posted a number of these around Oslo, Norway.

What a wonderful idea! I had completely forgotten about this! And now that QR codes are being used more than ever, it seems like a great idea to revive. Imagine making a good copy of something like this and posting it in coffee shops, or at outdoor hangouts, anyplace where someone might have time to kill and go “Hey, I’ve never read that book before…”

I think I’m going to have to create some updated version of these. If I do, I’ll be sure to share them online so everyone can share them!

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