Having Fun at the North Shore Authors Collection

Granted, my great hope is to someday find all my fellow nerds across the world who might someday want to read the stuff I scribble. But in the meantime, I don’t mind acting local while I think global, so to speak.

The North Shore Authors Collection is a special collection at our local libraries meant to showcase the gifted writers in the area. Its goal is to inspire, support, and celebrate the literary talent of North Shore authors by featuring locally created content in all North Shore libraries for one year.

Gill mostly came there for the snacks…

I contributed three of the books I published this year to the collection, Lost Souls, Trooper 4, and The Professional Tourist.

But there are plenty of other local authors being featured in the collection.

2023-2024 Collection – North Shore Authors Collection

There were 76 this year, and the books ranged from historic non-fiction, arts and crafts, cookbooks, genre fiction, and even a roleplaying monster manual compatible with D&D 5E.

It was nice to see so many people feel appreciated like that… and it was nice to see my book covers up on a screen like this too.

All in all, nice way to spend an evening!

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  1. Now they need to display them on an end cap or a special area instead of just putting them on the shelves where people will only see the spines.

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