Book Nook Update: More Lights! More Comfort!

Last month, I started a project to convert our bedroom into a sanctuary for Gillian. Something that appealed to both her childhood and adult sensibilities.

We’d replaced our rather basic bedframe with something a little more robust, with shelving space for books, as well as a built-in outlet, and added some bookshelves brought over from her dad’s place. After that, it was just a matter of borrowing ideas from other nooks we’ve seen, and adding what I thought would speak to her. This is the (panoramic) result.

The headboard area is mostly the same, but we changed up some of the Anne of Green Gables quotes I had printed on the laser printer with something larger and more literary looking.

We added some hanging shelves we got from a dollar store, which can hold childhood favourites, accent plants, or whatever you deem appropriate.

While we liked the fairy lights where they were, they were always behind you when you’re reading, which I thought took away some of the charm while actually using the room. I decided to extend the lights all the way around, and take a page from various kids’ libraries I’ve seen in terms of decor.

The wood letters I bought at a dollar store with a decent arts-and-crafts section, and Gill and I painted them with my crafting equipment (not just for Battletech!)

As mentioned before, one entire bookcase is now dedicated to new acquisitions and setting aside finished books we don’t intend to keep long-term.

The dragon poster is on canvas, not paper, and I thought it was the perfect sentiment for my book-hoarding wife. She agreed.

In case you’re wondering about the fairy lights, there are two sets. The headboard area is a 33-foot stretch of lights, while a second 66-foot string stretches around the room and back again. Both are plugged into a socket that is connected to the light switch (along with a lamp on the drawers).

The goal here was to keep things feeling organic. Not too structured or rigid. The lights hang loose whenever possible, the wood letters are uneven on purpose. Little touches to add a bit of childlike whimsey to things.

Last, but not least, there are these bed pillows, which are meant to be more comfortable for reading in bed as opposed to just stacking pillows behind you. Initially, there was just one (the one on the left), but it was too big and heavy for Gill to manage, so we bought a smaller/lighter one for her.

And that’s about it. While a knickknack or two might make their way in here in the future, I think this is pretty much done. If I had a bigger room and a bigger budget, I’d get way more ambitious. We’re talking secret door, sliding bookshelf, and hidden room level ambitious. But overall I think we did all right on the cheap. What do you think?

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