Some General Updates

Lots of little things happening this past week here: an update to a classic game review, comic news, and a 3D printer thrown into the mix, so let’s get started!

Updated Game Review

Last year I wrote an article about one of my favourite wargames: Battletech. While it is a great game that still holds up today, it does play a bit slow for anything beyond on-on-one combat. There is a faster, more streamlined version called Alpha Strike, but it simplifies things TOO much.

Then the guys at Death From Above Wargaming put their heads together and came up with perhaps the best hybrid version of the game I’ve ever seen. Originally called Destiny, they have been improving it over the last year and decided to rebrand it Override.

But because people are still coming to this site to see the Destiny review (and look back at Battletech in general), I decided to update the article with new information instead of writing a whole new article (though I will probably do that too once I have a chance!)

This Day in Cartooning

Facebook reminded me that today was the day I started taking my cartooning seriously. Before this I had just been doing my best at eyeballing characters and using photos as references, like this:

But, unhappy with how this looked (can you blame me?), I decided to try and create a more consistent style. I refreshed my memory on cartooning techniques and remembered seeing animators using reference sheets similar to this below.

Although this isn’t what I would end up using as my primary reference, it was the beginning of what would become a revival of the Fuzzy Knights webcomic. Speaking of which….

New Home for Fuzzy Knights (sorta)

Initially Fuzzy Knights was just hosted on Tapas, and later Webtoons. Recently I expanded it to Comic Fury, which, it turns out, has a very handy feature for cartoonists: their own webpage. And WordPress has a very handy feature, letting you add an outside webpage to your own webpage.

The result? Fuzzy Knights now has its “home” right here, making it super convenient to keep up with all their antics.

Falling down the 3D Printer Rabbit Hole…

My sister and nephew recently gave me their old 3D Printer, and I don’t know whether I’m thrilled or frustrated by this turn of events.

On the one hand, it has so much to offer. I’ve long been intrigued by 3D printing as a means to make things for gaming, potentially useful stuff around the house, maybe making even custom merch.

On the other hand, getting this bloody contraption to work has been a nightmare! I’ve managed two modestly successful prints so far, but

It seems like every time I figure out one problem, another crops up. In fact, working on this printer feels like the Cyberpunk equivalent of a guy in the 1950s working on the engine of his beater car in the garage… some people did that for FUN.

Well, I won’t deny a feeling of satisfaction when I solve a problem on this contraption. The frustration comes because there’s always a new problem, and it never seems to end!

Still, if I can get this nailed down, I intend to have some fun with it. This won’t be the last you hear of it!

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