Mossfoot’s Origins

If you’ve been following me a while, you might be curious about Mossfoot. After all, I use him as a handle online and a logo on my website. He’s one of the stars of Fuzzy Knights and his make or image tends to pop up as Easter eggs in other projects of mine. Heck, the protagonist of Lost Souls is named after him (Maurice “Moss” Foote).

Well, he came to me when my wife and I were first dating, and as you can see, was fluffier at first.

(No, that’s not a really old picture, I was just playing with black and white film. I’m not THAT old…)

I made him his own khaki outfit and a backpack, and took him on my travels, around Vancouver and Victoria, and eventually across Canada.

His signature bomber jacket was a gift from an old friend, James Morton, as I passed through Ontario. He’s been wearing that ever since.

And of course he came with me to the other countries I visited as well, most notably Japan and England.

And Japan, of course, is where the Fuzzy Knights comic began.

So that’s it in a nutshell. Violet was a gift from me to Gillian, and we picked up Target and Ben in Japan.

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