Cartooning: Here Goes Nothing!

So, after a couple of months, I figured it was time to put my money where my mouth is. Well, metaphorical money anyway.

I’ve opened an account on the webcomic site, where I can upload and store my comic. I’m aiming for publishing something twice a month at first, as I tend to write stories that are several comic book pages long, not just three panel strips for the funny papers.

I’m hoping to compile the series into a graphic novel someday, so I’m designing the panels as comic pages first, and then take those individual panels and create a single linear strip for the Tapas site.

Funny to think it’s been 20 years since I started this cartoon in photocomic form. But I’m thrilled to see where this goes next. Even if it’s just a short run, it’ll be good practice and a new chance to be creative.

You Can Check Out My Comic By Clicking This Link

If you enjoy the comic, please give it a like and subscribe… you know the drill. Feedback is always welcome, and I’ll do my best to put out a little story every other week!

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