Cartooning: From Suck Less to… Suck Differently

It’s been another month, and I’ve been pecking away at more cartooning. After finishing my profiles for the Fuzzy Knights, I decided to take some online courses about cartooning, try to work on the fundamentals, then come back and look at what I’m doing with fresh eyes.

So I learned about eyes, noses, mouths, ears, faces, how to change angles, etc… It did not go as smoothly as I hoped. My attempt to draw a baby, for example, looked like it came straight from hell… so I rolled with it.

But overall I was doing okay, doodling various faces based on picture references. (Hi, dad!)

The fact that just about everyone I asked about the above picture immediately recognized it as Grand Moff Tarkin (Peter Cushing) from Star Wars meant I had to be doing something right.

Then I tried my hand at drawing a little girl character, who might end up working into my comic’s storyline. Her initial sketch was done almost by accident, but I liked the basic idea and decide to build on it.

Still got a ways to go (especially when it comes to turning her head…) but I think I have something here. I’ll probably have to change her shirt colour, though… too close to the wallpaper in the room.

But I feel I’ve learned enough to go back to the Fuzzies and apply some of this to that.

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