Pressing My Luck

Going up to the Sunshine Coast this weekend I decided to take some copies of my books and stop at some local libraries along the way – Lynn Valley, Gibsons, and Sechelt, talking to someone about who to leave it for and leaving a message and invoice and some promotional material I had made a couple years ago for VCon in the hopes of impressing them.

At least in one case I’m getting a bit of help.  The librarian I spoke to for North Vancouver is actually meeting with the head librarian in Gibson’s this weekend, and promised to bring me up in conversation while he’s there.  Fingers crossed it makes a difference.

Some other ideas now occurring to me is sending copies to (willing) friends and relatives so they can approach local libraries in similar ways. Also, it turns out that libraries are often given budgets to do such things and bring in authors for  talks and readings, so maybe I can get a bit of travel worked  in as well!

Of course, now I’d have to think about what kind of things I’d talk about.  Maybe create a few general topics that I can customize as needed?  Dunno.  It’s all uncharted territory for me!

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