Samhain Staying Open!

In a surprising but welcome bit of news, I just learned that Samhain Publishing will not be closing their doors after all!

“All the scaling back of overhead, the reducing expenses and bringing our expenditures in check with our income has been more successful than I had anticipated. I no longer feel that Samhain has any need to close its doors in the foreseeable future. The foundation is strong. We are at a manageable size and are dedicated to rebuilding at a controlled rate, with a particular emphasis on the ever-changing market. ”

This is great news.  What can I say?  I tend to root for the little guy. It’s possible I might be called back to edit for them, though no doubt with a reduced workload.  Part of the restructuring involved cutting down the number of titles they release every week, and focusing on titles they really think they can work with.

So if they do ask me back, I’ll be keeping Mossfoot Editing open as well to help make up the slack. And if they don’t, I still wish them the best and hope they make it another ten years, and beyond!

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