Indiana Noah and The Lost Novel of Relics

For a while now I’ve been working on an adventure novel. A modern day Indiana Jones story, but one where there was a lot more research put into the nature of the artifact being hunted.

In this case it’s the Holy Grail, and I didn’t want it to be some Dan Brown conspiracy or a magic goblet being protected by an ancient knight, but something plausible connected to the history of the myth.  Just about everything you think you know about the Grail is a ret-con.

Basically I wanted an Indiana Jones type adventure that treated the mysteries the same way the Scooby Doo gang do–in the end, there is a logical explanation to everything…and maybe a man wearing a rubber mask.

I’d been holding off submitting this story for a while, hoping to get some beta reading feedback, but if there’s one thing writers will tell you about beta readers, it’s that punctuality is not something you can ask from them.  They have lives and stuff to do.

So I decided to bite the bullet and submit it anyway. In many ways this book is for my grandma in England, who is 95. I’d like her to have a chance to read it while she still can!

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