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With the release of The Plutus Paradox and recent events with Samhain forcing me to open up Mossfoot Editing, I find myself wanting to spend more time on my own writing projects as well.

For example, I managed to finally finish a modern day Indiana Jones type adventure tentatively called Relics. That’s a story I’ve wanted to write for a long time.  Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of my favorite films and the one that inspired me most when it comes to what I expect from an adventure game or story.  So I wanted to try my own.

But in my case I wanted to focus a bit more on the history of the item being quested after–how it got to be where it was and undiscovered for so long.  I also wanted to take an actual myth–in this case the Holy Grail–and look at a more plausible origin for the earliest known artifact to represent it.

The research in and of itself was worthwhile, and was more enlightening than Dan Brown’s take on the Grail. (I’ll go into more detail on my feelings about Dan Brown next).

One key difference from an Indiana Jones story is that I wanted to have a team. Given that the story was inspired by a long running roleplaying campaign my brother ran, that’s hardly surprising.  But it also made sense.  Since this story was taking place in modern day, it’s harder to imagine one person doing it all, especially when shadier elements come into play.  So rather than just have an archaeologist who knew everything, I developed a team with legal an illegal leanings to work together.

The other problem with dealing with the modern day is having to incorporate technology into it.  So many things that might have been a problem in the past are just a click on a smart phone away now, so it can be a challenge to work around at times.

Right now Relics is being read by some beta readers, and I’m hoping the feedback will be positive enough that I can move ahead with trying to find it a home.  In the meantime I have a new science fiction book to work on before my editing job catches up with me.

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