Freelancing Update: Baby Steps

It didn’t take me long to get some interest in my editing services at Mossfoot Editing.  Just two novellas for now, and they won’t be ready till the end of the month (both are part of an anthology being developed), but it’s a start. Heck, it’s an ideal start.  Two smaller projects to let me work out the kinks in the freelance process before I start promoting myself more seriously?  Yes please!

And those are only the new projects from new authors.  I have other authors who want to use me for their various books if they decide to go self-pub or find a new home for their work.

Besides, there is a possibility that Samhain may not be dead, though it’s early days and I don’t wish to speculate about it at this time.

But while I play the “find work but not too much work in case there’s a possibility for more work and you don’t want to be swamped with excess work if it works out” game, I’m going ahead with writing another novel.  Science fiction this time around.

I just finished one called Relics, a modern day Indiana Jones type adventure which I’m hoping will go over well with my pre-readers before I start considering where to submit it to.

The Plutus Paradox release seems to have been delayed a day or two, so I’ll have to update everyone on that later.

Way too much “wait and see” going on for my liking.

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