What Three Years of Work Looks Like

…actually, no.  This isn’t even close.

I recently got a package from Samhain with my Editor Copies for a number of books I’ve edited.  I wasn’t even aware that was a thing to be honest, or if I was I’d forgotten.

So in this period of transition it was nice to see my handiwork in dead tree form like this.

I’m impressed by the quality of the books.  They have a nice matte textured surface, which suits their Trade Paperback size (135 mm x 216 mm, as opposed Mass Market size,110×178 mm, which you might be more familiar with).

But as I said, it’s not even close to the full number of books I’ve edited.  That’s somewhere around thirty-three at this point, though not all of them were large enough to have a print run and only had an e-book release.

Still if you want to see most of these covers (and some not present on this display) you can check out my Portfolio on Mossfoot Editing.

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