Nothing Is Lost On The Internet…

…but good luck finding it, collecting it, and putting it all in one place, sucker!

In trying to rebuild my website I did learn that much, if not all, of what I’d lost was available in one place or another.  The Wayback Machine wasn’t has much help as I had hoped, but it turned out that Goodreads has a copy of my old blogs ever since I copied them into it.  Huzzah!

Only, there isn’t a nice easy way I can think of to move all that stuff here. I’d have to copy each of them over one by one as far as I can tell.

So… um… I’m thinking maybe I’ll just make an archive link that goes back to my Goodreads author page?  I’m lazy that way.

My Old Blog… Before It Went To Hell…

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  1. Nice to see your site up and running! 🙂 You have A LOT of old blog posts! I read the first few pages, and I might continue later. I’ve already read one of your books, and I am considering buying the other ones! 🙂 I probably shouldn’t say this here, but see you in the void, Commander. 🙂

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